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HELP!!!! Cannot get access to internet

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  • HELP!!!! Cannot get access to internet

    Hi All,

    This is my first post here, so please be gentle!
    I'm usually very clued up on all matters regarding IT, but this one has me stumped!

    I'm helping to configure an SBS 2003 server in a small business.
    The server is setup, and all client machines are setup in a domain with access to the server. That part was fairly simple.

    Client machines are all dhcp enabled, and get their IP's from the SBS server. Again, all pretty straight forward.

    The server has 2 nics. one for the internal network, and one for the internet.
    The Both NICs have static IP's setup.
    NIC1--> internal --->
    NIc2 --> External --->

    Internet is provided by a BT Business Hub, whose Ip address is
    Now.... i've tried again, and again, and again to get internet access on this server, and have failed everytime.
    I've run the wizard countless times, setup the primary and secondary dns servers as supplied by BT, checked the dns forwarders, everything seems ok.
    Also checked the firewall on the router, and it's allowing traffic through...

    I've checked the router, and the fact that i'm typing this shows it has internet access.

    I've replaced the network card in case it was a faulty card, and again, still the same problems.

    I've checked the order of the connections within network>settings>advanced settings and ensured the internal network is above the external network.

    I cannot even ping the router from the server
    i'm guessing it's a dns issue, but i don't want to start messing about with DNS's until i've tried everything else first.

    Anybody have any idea's what i'm doing wrong?

    Haroon Malik

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    Re: HELP!!!! Cannot get access to internet

    Can you post the complete config of both NICs please? If SBS 2003 is setup as a router with that IP config and both sides are on the same subnet (as they appear to be without knowing the subnet masks etc) then it's not going to work.
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      Re: HELP!!!! Cannot get access to internet

      How did you set it up? Manually or did you use the WIZARD?
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