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administrator account not available?

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  • administrator account not available?


    We've just installed SBS 2008 Premium with terminal services. At the time of installation it asked for the name of the administrator which I promptly typed mine in. now I have admin priviliges and it's FQD name is server.domain.local

    Question 1:
    What happened to the account wherein users logged in typing 'administrator' instead of their name? It's there, I can see...on top of the list of 'Users' in active directory users and computers....and I set the password but why am Inot able to log in.

    Question 2:
    When users log in from their thin clients, those with printers create TS printers. Now why am I not being able to share those printers across the network? I mean assign a share name? It's all cold and 'greyed' out.

    Question 3:
    This being a 64 bit OS, how can I install an HP laserjet 1007? Do any of the 64 bit drivers for say XP/2003 server run on this OS?


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    Re: administrator account not available?

    In answer to question 1, by default SBS 2008 makes you create an admin account and disables the default "administrator" account. This is a long-recommended security precaution in Windows that is rarely followed, as an attacker only needs to obtain a password, rather than a username and password. You can enable the account and set a password for it using your own account, as it is an administrator account.

    2. Printers need to be shared from the machine they are managed from, so you should be able to share them from the clients and choose the "List in Directory" option for all users to be able to see them in the list of domain printers.

    3. A Vista driver is probably your best bet if one does not exist for Server 2008. You will probably also need to install additional drivers for your clients anyway, particularly if you have 32-bit clients in your network.
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