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SBS 2003 Backup (under ESX)

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  • SBS 2003 Backup (under ESX)


    So, considering the fact that client system is SBS 2003, I am asking this here.

    I am running ESX 3.5i and I have only one client running on it, SBS 2003 SP2. I already have license for BackupExec, but I was wondering is there some other software I could use for backuping whole client (like snapshoting on tape)?
    One solution I found is from VMware (Consolited Backup), but it's really 2 expensive

    Can someone recommend me some other backup software that works on same principle as VMWare consolited backup, but some more affordable?

    Thank you for assistance


    In case there is no cheap alternative, did someone already used backupexec thats locally installed on client server for backuping? So, it would be something like: I am backuping server using BE thats installed on server, and I am saving backups on tapes that are attached using USB on my ESX server
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    Re: SBS 2003 Backup (under ESX)

    Why bother with BUExec? Use the built in Backup Wizard (NTBackup based). In a single server environment it is more than adequate. Can you use USB2 External disks under ESX3.5 and swap them? I have heard that you can but have never tested it myself so I don't have first hand experience. Want to backup 10 workstations? Drop a Windows Home Server box in there and you have an under $600 solution, also.

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      Re: SBS 2003 Backup (under ESX)

      What I want is to basically make backup of whole client, and not to do backup from server. That way if something would happen, I would be able to restore whole server in no time
      What I also haven't tried before is to do backup on tape under ESX, cause I would actually be connecting tape drive to esx server and then doing backup to tape from esx client

      Has someone already tried this??