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New Branch Office to SBS2003

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  • New Branch Office to SBS2003


    I have an SBS 2003 server at our main office with with 25 users.
    2 NIC config , a Draytek router. No ISA.
    At the branch office we have 5 PC's and another Draytek.
    They use windows VPN to connect to the main office for file sharing (they use OWA for email).
    We also have up to 5 users using windows VPN to connect from home (usually after hours).
    The branch and home users have been complaining about unreliable connections.
    My question is what are the options for remote connectivity.
    So far the what I have come up with from googling is:

    1. VPN tunnel between the Drayteks for the branch office and keep the Windows VPN for the home users.

    2. Install a 2k3 server at the branch and use the Drayteks VPN tunel again.

    3. Install a 2k3 server at the main office for TS (accomodates home and branch users).

    4. Install a 2K3 server with Citrix at the main office. Again deals with branch and home users.

    I have supported the SBS setup for a couple of years but have no experiance with remote connectivity (appart from windows VPN)

    It would be great to get the pros and cons and the best solution for my setup. I know there are many who have implemented this setup, but can't seem to find a definitive answer to the question.

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    Re: New Branch Office to SBS2003

    have you looked at your network utilisation ? maybe it's just overloaded and you could resolve the situation by throwing more bandwidth at it ?

    i'd definitely consider nothing less than a permanent site-to-site vpn between sites, not having ther users at the other site all open their own vpn session..
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      Re: New Branch Office to SBS2003

      I believe that there is/was a Microsoft White Paper on setting up a Branch Office with SBS. If you cannot find it, there is a wealth of information over at

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