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Release CALs used by Remote Web Workplace

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  • Release CALs used by Remote Web Workplace

    In our network, we have around 30 clients and one SBS server. Not all of the clients are active at the same time. We have more users than machines, so we have device CALs. We also have employees who work offsite. They have email through our exchange, and have been logging on to their email through the Remote Web Workplace.

    Our server has started giving Licensing errors. We currently have 30 CALs. SBS tells me that the maximum usage is 36. Even after removing retired machines, we do not have 36 machines in the network. looking around on the Web, I found indications that RWW can also use up CALs. I am setting up the offsite users for POP3 email from our exchange server. I am concerned because everything that I have read says that if a CAL is taken, it is not released until the machine is retired. The machines from which the offsite employees use RWW were never put into any directory. How can I remove them?

    Besides the incessant error messages, server performance seems to suffer when the license usage is above the total number.
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    Re: Release CALs used by Remote Web Workplace

    How many users do you have using RWW? 5 Users? Buy 5 User Cals. As far as I know you can mix and match the CALS. Otherwise every machine that logs in uses up a CAL and never releases it.

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