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most amasing thing with printing :)

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  • most amasing thing with printing :)

    first time i see something like this:

    i have local printer on my w2k server and also have w2003 server
    i connected 2003 to printer on 2k
    and can send test page but cant print from word or any other office app

    who can help me ?
    thank you in advance

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    the answer was so lame
    SBS2003 didnt want to work with Xerox driver
    when i replaced driver ti Laserjet III - all became normal

    take note , everyone


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      thanks for sharing us the solution
      Good Luck


      MCSE 2003+Security;MCSE 2003+Messaging

      So, from me to all of you out there, wherever you are, remember:
      the light at the end of the tunnel may be you. Good Day!


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        Re: most amasing thing with printing

        just a note, since i'm digging for a solution (not this kind) for my MSDE SQL in SBS 3002 (diferent thread) problem, but i stumbled over this thread and thought to throw in that a lot of the so called ALL-IN-ONE Printers from HewlettPackard, like 5110, 6110 and such printer-fax-scanner machines are NOT LAN-supported anymore since SP2 for winXP is out.

        Thats even "official" from a live-chat tech-support.

        Reason why i stumbled over of my clients used to have a networked 5110xi all-in-one printer, which worked superbly BEFORE winXP SP2...after that it prints in very strange ways, like "mirrored" (as in, hold the printed paper against the light, look from the back through, THEN you can read it properly!) from a LAN connected PC. but from the computer where the printer was actually physically attached to it works fine - even though its the same TSR's. Whats even funkier; this effect is not always happening, only in about 70-80% of the printouts, regardless if its a screenshot, WORD document or any other program's print-out.

        I assume that HP's drivers were screwing/tweaking with the network-components of winXP/+SP1 and since SP2 is tightening the network-security, it fails to work properly.

        just thought i throw this little known - i think - fact in here.


        EDIT: w. "same printer TSR" i mean the most modern/recent TSR Hewlett Packard has for the printer, but its the same way/version installed on all PC's that are connected (either LAN or physically, directly) to it.
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