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VMware and SBS 2003

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  • VMware and SBS 2003

    Hi guys,

    I have a quick question (probably an easy one)

    I have esx server in 10.1.11.x range and I have a sbs client running on esx

    Is it possible to somehow still use gateway thats on 10.1.11.x but give sbs an IP thats in 192.168.100.x range?


    This could be probably done with subneting but I am really bad at it, so here I am

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    Re: VMware and SBS 2003

    you would need to setup routing somewhere.. either a small linux virtual guest that could do nat, or something else..
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      Re: VMware and SBS 2003

      Hmm, I was thinking that it would be possible to set up something like next config for network adapter:

      Is it actually possible to have gateway in one range and ip in another?

      Or maybe something like
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        Re: VMware and SBS 2003

        The IP address and gateway should ideally reside in the same network. What are you trying to accomplish?


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          Re: VMware and SBS 2003

          Better answered in the correct SBS forum.



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            Re: VMware and SBS 2003

            Actually there is nothing specific to SBS here if you are using one (virtual) NIC. If VM lets you assign 2 virtual NICs (SBS2003 only NOT 2008 ) then you could assign the "internal NIC" as and the "external NIC" as configure the rest with the CEICW in SBS 2003.
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