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SBS Exchange 03 reinstall query

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  • SBS Exchange 03 reinstall query

    Hey guys,

    A client of mine has been using there SBS Server for a few years now without using any of the exchange or SharePoint functionality that comes with SBS
    (Basically they've been using a third party mail hosting service.)

    After a major upgrade to their internet connection and server hardware they wish to now use exchange for their mail...
    An attempt was made to move over to the exchange but it seems that because it was not configured correctly when it was initially installed it's just not happening.

    My question is...

    What is the best way to reinstall or reconfigure exchange 2003 for an SBS Server without affecting IIS.

    Please note: The client is using software that uses mulitple IIS websites to push and receive work orders and so if possible IIS must not be uninstalled/reinstalled as configuration for this particular software is lengthy and frustrating.

    All suggestions and comments are welcome.

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    Re: SBS Exchange 03 reinstall query

    A quick bit of ing or Bingling (if you prefer) would have found you

    Helping you to help yourself!

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