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Sbs 2003 bpa

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  • Sbs 2003 bpa

    First, hello, new to the forum, picked up a client running SBS2003 and thought this might be a good resource to get up to speed on some things. This client only has 7 domain users, (they have a couple of users doing p2p file and print sharing, nothing major), they don't use exchange, they use Outlook but they're poppin their email from a mail server on the East Coast, there's a few Group Policy things going on that need to be changed, and they seem to have a lot of strange connectivity and accessability issues pop up for such a small network. Just weird little scratch your head kind of stuff. I haven't worked with SBS a lot, but was thinking about running the BPA on the server just to see if everybody is playing well together. Is BPA the best tool for that, or is there some other way to check on things. Thanks in advance for your input.

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    Re: Sbs 2003 bpa

    First of all the BPA is a great tool.
    You say they are not using Exchange but is it installed but turned off? (recommended) Either way, you are probably going to get a lot of of warnings re exchange. GO ahead. Run it.

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      Re: Sbs 2003 bpa

      Also, if they really are running p2p applications as you say, I would put a stop to that immediately. I'm assuming when you say p2p you mean things like Limewire, Kazaa, etc.

      Or did you mean peer-to-peer in the traditional sense: userA shares their files with userB, etc.? If so, get everything that needs to be shared (files, printers) on to the server and off of the workstations. What's the point of having a domain if the users are working ala workgroup style?
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