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SBS2k3 Master Database

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  • SBS2k3 Master Database

    Hello. I am new to SQL. I am working on a SBS2k3 with SQL2000 SP3 on it. I have 8 databases that need restored from a backup for an old PC that is to old to continue running.

    I backed up each database on the old server. I have since moved the backups to the new computer and restored each databse except for three. The first on that I am stuck on the the database called "master".

    Every time I tried it said I have to do it in single user mode. I googled directions and followed them, restarted the PC and SQL failed to load. Rebuilt the server again, reinstalled, restored databases, tried to do the master agaain and failed.

    The site that had the directions included stopping the sql server service and then running sqlservr -m to use the single user mode.

    But after that I am dead in the I missing something or is their a better set of instructions? Can someone assist me?


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    Re: SBS2k3 Master Database

    so, you have backed up 8 databases, including 'master' from an old computer, call it Computer7.

    You want to restore these computers to a new computer, call it Computer8.
    Computer 8 is running small business server.

    computer8 is NOT the replacement for cmputer7, you are just retiring computer7 and importing the databases onto computer8.

    if i'm on the right track here, then I suspect that importing 'master' would be a big mistake.
    if you want to do this - you would need to create another instance.
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      Re: SBS2k3 Master Database

      Well...the issue seemed to be because I had the "read only" attribute set when I had the backups saved to my jump drive. After removing the read only attributes, I re performed to backup and everything turned out OK.



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        Re: SBS2k3 Master Database

        Thanks for sharing the "solution"
        Actually itis common not to move the master and other 'system" datatbases. See

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