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All Users folder for certin users

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  • All Users folder for certin users

    Hi I have a WIndows Server 2003 domain and I need to make a all users folder for certin users like one group needs to apply to one folder to get start menu items like outlook in folder OFFICE APPS etc. and another group needs a differnet settings like start menu with a folder called OFFICE APPS with no outlook etc. however when the user logs in LOCALLY I need it to show the defualt start menu settings settings like all programs Microsoft Office 2003 how do I do that

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    Re: All Users folder for certin users

    Look up Folder Redirection using Group Policy. It's usually used to relocate a user's Start Menu (for example) to their own subfolder of a network share, such as

    Try instead redirecting to

    Keep in mind that anything in the All Users start menu on each machine will still appear.
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