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ISA blocking the request

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  • ISA blocking the request

    Hi ,

    We do have SBS 2000 , ISA 2000 . Now suddenly my hdd is crashed , so i reinstall the ISA2000 server ...but now i do not have a and i do not have the ISA Backup with me ..even though i configured it with default configuration wizard but its not allowing the my clients connected to this server to browse the internet.

    Earlier i was configured my setup as ISA - firewall Client in my firewall client system its detecting my isa server successfully but while trying to browse the pages its says can not be displayed ...isa server refused the connection ...

    so can any one guide me the isa 2000 server step by step configuration ....please

    Thanks .....

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    Re: ISA blocking the request

    wow.. asking us to guide you through ISA setup, step by step.. without telling us what you actually want to acheive ?

    I mean, sure, I could guide you through step by step how to setup a reverse proxy rule for my system here.. or how to setup an outbound, caching, authenticating rule for my system here.. but.. that's not necessarily going to acheive what you want.

    I'd suggest you simply go back to the drawing board, design what you want your rules to do, then investigate how to set them up (there are plenty of guides)
    then BACK THEM UP.

    I'm sorry but, while I feel sympathy for you have to recover a broken down server, and restore data, and the issues you're running into (like the AD restore not working properly), I don't have sympathy for your ISA issue, as the only reason it is a problem is because you simply didn't back up the config.

    I would personally evaluate whether it would be more value for money for me to spend the time identifying and developing rules, then deploying them, or whether I could just pay a data recovery expert to recover the data from the disk.
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      Re: ISA blocking the request

      This is SIMPLE. This is SBS - UTFW!!!
      Run the Internet Connection Wizard, and it will configure ISA for you.

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