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DCOM error 10009

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  • DCOM error 10009

    Fresh install of SBS2008 + SP2

    Problem is that i get several entries in the eventlogs each day about

    "DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer 0002PC-user.domain.local using any of the configured protocols."

    Details/friendly view says:
    <Record#1: Computer=(null);Pid=456;9/4/2009 5:6:9:897;Status=1722;Gencomp=2;Detloc=1710;Flags= 0;Params=1;{Param#0:0}>
    <Record#2: Computer=(null);Pid=456;9/4/2009 5:6:9:897;Status=1722;Gencomp=8;Detloc=1442;Flags= 0;Params=1;{Param#0:0002PC-user.domain.local}>
    <Record#3: Computer=(null);Pid=456;9/4/2009 5:6:9:897;Status=1237;Gencomp=8;Detloc=313;Flags=0 ;Params=0;>
    <Record#4: Computer=(null);Pid=456;9/4/2009 5:6:9:897;Status=10060;Gencomp=8;Detloc=311;Flags= 0;Params=3;{Param#0:135}{Param#1:0}{Param#2:0x3f14 a8c000000000}>
    <Record#5: Computer=(null);Pid=456;9/4/2009 5:6:9:897;Status=10060;Gencomp=8;Detloc=318;Flags= 0;Params=0;>

    The thing is, this only happens for two of the four domain computers. There were two XP and one Vista Business that was moved from the old workgroup to the domain and only the XP machines gives this error. The vista works great and so does the brand new Vista Business machine we installed directly into the domain.

    DHCP: managed by Zywall 5 firewall.
    DNS: installed with domain.local active and i can see all clients there.
    Antivirus: server and all clients have Symantec Endpoint Protection, no firewall-component.
    Firewall: server and all clients have the windows firewall disabled, between lan and internet we have a Zywall 5 firewall with everything allowed lan-lan.
    There are no errors in servermanager / roles and everything else works great.

    I'm note sure how to solve this.
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    Re: DCOM error 10009

    Actually it seems i fixed it by mistake.

    The WSUS-website had a broken certificate, this dcom-error must have been from the wsus components trying to speak ssl to my xp-clients. I set the iis bindings for my wsusadministration site to use the selfgenerated certificate and after that i've had no errors for over an hour now.

    I have no idea why this fixed it. Just hoping someone else finds this helpful :/