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Retrieving SBS2003 CAL's remotely

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  • Retrieving SBS2003 CAL's remotely

    Hi all

    I have a server running SBS2003, with 5+5 (OEM + Retail) Cals.

    The server itself will not last much longer, right this second its rebooting randomly with blue screen hardware errors (its ancient, P3 thing).

    Server will be scrapped, I have a new server up and ready to replace this weekend.

    However we need to get the 5 purchased cals off the old server. Problem is anytime you try to open Licensing console it just locks up and reboots. Tried via RDP also.

    Does anyone know of any other way I can try get the license keys off the server?

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    Re: Retrieving SBS2003 CAL's remotely

    Where is the COA type sticker that came with the licence when you purchased the extra 5 CALS. It will have the number that can be entered in the new build?

    Also, was the SBS2003 software an OEM version or was it a full licence purchase? An OEM vesion it tied to the motherboard so if that gets replaced the OEM licence goes out with the bath water and you will need to purchase a new SBS2003 copy. The additional CALS will still be useable on the new hardware.
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      Re: Retrieving SBS2003 CAL's remotely

      No idea where that sticker is!!

      The SBS2003 itself is an OEM version, hoever 5 additional retail cals were purchased seperately.

      Still unable to do anything much to the server without it going boom everytime...lucky last night's backup of the data on it is intact.


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        Re: Retrieving SBS2003 CAL's remotely

        Can you access the Licensing console in safe mode?

        Do you still have proof of purchase of the CALs? If not, and you don't have the licence sticker, then you probably wouldn't pass an audit.
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          Re: Retrieving SBS2003 CAL's remotely

          I will try Safe mode over the weekend.

          I was thinking maybe I could use some software that could poll the license details over the network, if you guys know of such a software?