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SBS 2003, RRAS, VPN Connection Problems

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  • SBS 2003, RRAS, VPN Connection Problems

    One of our remote clients is running SBS 2003 and using RRAS for both VPN connectivity, and as a gateway. The machine becomes unresponsive to outside requests after a VPN connection is made, and the VPN user is unable to connect to any internal network resource. At this time any attempt to connect to the machine fails, VPN, Remote Desktop, ping. Rebooting the server will restores access to everything except VPN, which completely locks the machine up again if a connection attempt is made.

    Any clues? This being a remote server is making it difficult to troubleshoot as any attempt at making a VPN connection locks the machine up and requires someone on site to reboot it.
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    Re: SBS 2003, RRAS, VPN Connection Problems

    I have to once again ask my standard SBS question - Is this SBS Standard or Premium with ISA Server? If it is Premium is it ISA 2000 or 2004?

    Any relevant errors in the Event Logs? How unresponsive is the server, does it require holding the power button in to shut it down?
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      Re: SBS 2003, RRAS, VPN Connection Problems

      Give yourself RDP access (Port 3389) so that you can always get to the server even if VPN fails. Even better, if it is an HP connect up the ILO so that you can power it off and on if you need to (DELL calls ILO, DRAC, I think)

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