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  • Home folder connect syntax

    Hi All

    I am new to the forum and new to sbs 2008.

    In sbs 2008 it seems possible to reference the drive letter in a connect string as follows


    In contract with SBS 2003, "users" would have had to be a shared folder and the "e$" would not be permitted.

    The problem I am having is that the "Home folder" connect command (in the "User properties -> Profile" tab) in AD works using the above mentioned directory reference (\\machine_name\e$\users\bob) and the directory "bob" get created as expected. However, the drive is not being mapped when user log onto their machines.

    Any suggestions please


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    Re: Home folder connect syntax

    try just :
    \\IP/Machine_name\shared_folder(and not the hierarchical path)\%username%(or the name of user)

    Sth like : \\DC2008\users\%username%

    The syntax is : Machine\shared folder\username

    You click on your user properties>>profile>>homefolmder>>connect>>[choose drive letter]>>\\DC2008\users\%username%.
    Otherwise you can use script with net use mapping.

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      Re: Home folder connect syntax

      Thanks Myrkul

      I guess the question was more about the fact that in SBS 2008 Windows allows the use of the $ sign in the connect string and the folder is not a shared folder?

      Can anyone confirm whether this syntax is correct in SBS2008


      Since Windows creates the "bob" directory, I would have assumed the syntax to be correct and the drive should get mapped?



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        Re: Home folder connect syntax

        E$ is the hidden share that's automatically created for the hard drive volume with drive letter E. Same as in 2003.

        Generally you shouldn't use that as a "standard" share for use by users. I'd suggest you create new shares as required, with more appropriate permissions.
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