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    Hi all,

    I don't know where to exactly put this topic, so sorry if i'm wrong.

    I have a SBS 2008. In order to use a software, i have to have an SQL server running on my sbs. By default, I understand that SQL Server 2005 is already installed, correct ? Now the default instance is not SQLExpress, but SBSMONITORING... I suppose because it is not SQL express that is installed with SBS 2008, right ?

    So I was too frighten to remove it. I can open the management studio and connect to the above instance and I use Windows Authentification (can't connect with the other mode?)

    Anyway, on my software that i have installed on a domain computer, I have to enter some information :

    - Server : name_of_server/SBSMONITORING
    - Name of database to create
    - A user name & password
    - A user name & password that has administrators rights (i put my login)

    It will not connect .

    Then I installled SQLExpress 2008 without touching 2005. Is that a good idea to have both installed ? Did a normal installation, but the software would not connect too .

    I have removed the firewall on my server to check if it was that. I activated TCP/IP, rebooted the sql services, and on the 2005 management, I activated the rights so it could be accessed from the network.

    I need help, any pointers ?