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Windows XP Pro talking to Windows 2000 DNS

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  • Windows XP Pro talking to Windows 2000 DNS

    I have a network connecting Windows 2000 PCs to a Windows 2000 network.

    The user name of a Windows 2000 PC is
    and the domain is

    I need to take that PC off the system and replace it with a PC running Windows XP Pro. All the correct TCP/IP settings have been set up.

    When I enter into the user name, I get the message that the name is too long and it contains dots.

    Even if I amend the name, the domain is not accepted because that also contains dots.

    Should the user name just be WS1, because on the server the linked PCs only show WS1, WS2 etc.

    Should the domain name just be Swindontravel?

    Surely I must be able to link a Windows XP Pro machine to a Windows 2000 network.

    Thanks for any help that will be received.

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    yes you right
    the computer name should be ws1 and the domain shouid be Swindontravel(netbios name)
    after joining to the domain the fqdn of the computer will be
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      If this is an SBS network you can use the wizard to remove WS1 from th edomain and then recreate it and a diskette which will make all the settings for you.
      If you are on a vanilla Win2000 network - you're on your own

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