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sbs2003Std -> sbs2008Std -> sbs2008Std

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  • sbs2003Std -> sbs2008Std -> sbs2008Std

    Dear Colleagues,
    We plan to migrate our existing 32-bit SBS 2003 Std to the new SBS 2008 Std.
    Unfortunately, we don't have a second server which can be used as a new SBS 2008, it means
    that our current server has to be migrated to the new sbs2008
    I know that in place migration from 32-bit SBS2003 to 64-bit SBS2008 is not possible, correct ?
    I can use my desktop computer for migration but it has just a single hard drive but it is 64-bit capable though.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to migrate somehow our powerful server with sbs2003 to the desktop computer (to sbs200, format existing sbs2003 and migrate back from desktop sbs2008 to the powerful server sbs2008.
    I know that all this sounds very confusing and I would be happy to do just a single migration from one server to another but at the moment we can't afford another server.
    Could you please suggest me the best way to do the migration ?
    thank you!

    Mihail Kravsun

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    Re: sbs2003Std -> sbs2008Std -> sbs2008Std

    Make sure that your desktop has enough hard drive space for all of the data on your SBS server. Given the low prices these days of hardware compared to the enormous cost that would be involved if something went wrong, I would very strongly advise you to get a RAID card in your PC (a good quality card should come in under 50) and either one or two extra hard drives of the same capacity as the current disk (RAID 1 better, RAID 5 best). Also, put your PC, the server and the switch connecting the two on your UPS if you have one.
    Gareth Howells

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