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Google Apps or Exchange

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  • Google Apps or Exchange

    Dear Experts,

    Currently our firm has an SBS server that service 15 users locally. In addition, we have 10 branches which uses hosted email services.
    I would like to supply my branches with full exchange services such as contacts, calender and mail and I'm weighting my options between connecting the branches to the current exchange server or connect them with google apps.

    I would greatly appreciate a good advise from experienced professional.


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    Re: Google Apps or Exchange

    it all depends on if you can afford the exchange.

    as well google apps would easily suit 15 people, as well if you have mobile devices connected to the network they can to recieve email and etcfrom google apps, i currently use google apps on my iPhone.



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      Re: Google Apps or Exchange

      If you're intending to connect branch offices together you will likely need to replace SBS.

      In any case, my preference would always be towards Exchange or some other internal system. The risk to our business posed by an outage is far too great to consider a hosted solution. If our main broadband connection goes down, we can have an alternative means of connectivity in place within 24 hours absolute max. If Google or another host were to go down (again), we would have absolutely no control over that.
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        Re: Google Apps or Exchange

        I'd be leaning towards Exchange as well, but bear in mind you will require a CAL for all of the additional users if they are not already a part of your AD.

        If it's just for Exchange access I'd probably just setup all of the remote users using RPC over HTTPs, so that you have email as long as you have internet access and you don't need to worry about site-to-site VPNs or similar.
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