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SBS Migration Prep Tool and Exchange BPA Issue

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  • SBS Migration Prep Tool and Exchange BPA Issue

    I hope someone here can help us out as we have been holding off on proceeding on our migration until we can verify we haven't messed anything up. Here is all the information I have, if anyone has any questions, please let me know.

    We ran the Migration Prep tool from the SBS 2008 Disk on our SBS 2003 Server. Everything looks fine in the log files. However We ran the Exchange 2007 Readiness scan from the Exchange BPA and it told us:

    "Active Directory Schema upgrade required The Active Directory schema
    will need to be upgraded (via the /PrepareSchema switch on Exchange
    Server 2007 setup) before Exchange 2007 servers can be installed into
    the organization."

    We did make sure that Exchange was in native mode before and after we ran the Migration Prep tool.

    Here is some reg info about our Schema Level:

    HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NTDS\Parame ters\Schema Version = 44
    HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NTDS\Parame ters\System Schema Version = 30

    and here is info from ADSIEDIT : rangeUpper value is 6870

    Since this value corresponds with Exchange 2003 according to this link:

    does this mean we need to re-run the SBS 2008 Migration Prep tool as it didn't finish correctly, or is this step something that takes place during the actual Migration install of SBS 2008? Is this something we need to be concerned with, and has anyone ever run into anything like this before? Is it safe to continue to the actual Migration install?

    Brian Kneeland

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    Re: SBS Migration Prep Tool and Exchange BPA Issue

    All the info I could find DOES NOT state that the tool prepares the schema for Exchange. It DOES state that it changes Exchange from mixed mode to native mode. While I'm no SBS expert my opinion is that you're OK as the Exchange 2007 portion of the install should make the necessary AD and shema changes as part of it's install routine (that's what the standalone Exchange install does).

    Also, once you've run the migration tool I believe that you've only got 21 days to complete the process so don't wait too long to finish it up.