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Waiting for the SSL

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  • Waiting for the SSL


    I have been asked to implement an SSL cert for a small business who want to use about 5 Windows mobile devices with their SBS 2003 set-up.

    I explained the process although several hours after submitting the request, still waiting for the cert to appear in my inbox (only a standard one). It is waiting for admin authority (i assume they will contact person on the whois record).

    My question is, after generating the CSR, if i were to run the wizard and use a self gen (to get the people nagging back on to OWA) would it cause an issue when the 3rd party cert does arrive?

    Thanks for reading!

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    Re: Waiting for the SSL

    Just for reference, this wasn't required, fortunately! The cert arrived just as I was about to fall asleep so installed it ready for the calls in the morning.