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Configuring Exchange System Manger on SBS2003

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  • Configuring Exchange System Manger on SBS2003

    We have a catchall email account which mean any letter before our domain will be sent to us by our email provider. I have setup three accounts to recieve email on the exchange server, one for the manager, one for the office admin and a generic one for everybody esle.

    The problem i am have is that all the emails for everybody is going to all the account. While each person has the intials before the @ sign and all mails for particular individuals are filtered into there individual boxes on the generic account. I also recieve mail for both the manager and the office admin in the generic account which i don't want.

    How could i configure exchange to stop or restrict the manager and office admin mails from going into others account?

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    Re: Configuring Exchange System Manger on SBS2003

    Number one if you want to have a secure mail exchange get rid of that catch all account (SPAM trap) and switch you're email to SMTP.

    Are you using the native POP collector with SBS or a 3rd party one? You will need to modify "how" the POP collector filters mail to the designated mailboxes in Exchange.