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Terminal Server Sessions

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  • Terminal Server Sessions

    There is 1 SBS (PDC) 2003 (premium) and (2) 2003 (std) member servers in the domain. 1) server has the role of TS the other server is a SQL server. There are 25 users on the network in 2 locations (2 subnets) connected by a T1, There are 9 printers serving both subnets.

    My issue is: The printers are installed in the PDC as well as the TS. When a user prints a job they have a very large list of printers showing in various sessions. This is confusing and I would like to eliminate the gross amount of visible sessions and only show the user the 9 printers available in the domain. I am not sure if MS terminal server will allow me to do that or is a 3rd party application the way to go? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Terminal Server Sessions

    It sounds like the users are in one of the following groups:

    1. Domain builtin Administrators
    2. Domain builtin Print Operators
    3. Domain Admins
    4. Local Administrators
    5. Local Power Users

    A local user or domain user account should not see any printers other than their own. What may also be complicating the matter is the user is probably seeing the locally installed printers on the TS as well as the printers being redirected from their local machines in their TS session.

    I would recommend looking at the following:

    1. Make sure the users are only in the domain users group. Make sure that the domain users group is in the local users group on the TS. Make sure the domain users group is in the local Remote Desktop users group.

    2. Delete the printers on the TS. This will not remove the drivers it will only delete the printer objects in the printers folder.

    3. Make sure you have printer redirection set up for TS on the client and server.


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      Re: Terminal Server Sessions

      Thanks for the quick response and guidance. I will do as you have suggested.


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        Re: Terminal Server Sessions

        Keep us posted on how you make out with it.