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Routing problem on Sbs 2003

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  • Routing problem on Sbs 2003


    i have one SBS 2003 wich act as default gateway.

    Inside the SBS i set up a VPN PPTP from Remote Access Service (not from Local Networks) with an external server adding the static route to redirect the addresses to the VPN (in order to reach the other subnet).

    The VPN connect succesfully, and the route does work locally on the SBS (i can ping and reach the adresses on the subnet behind the VPN).

    But when i try to reach the remote IP behind the VPN, from a LAN PC i can't reach it.

    The Lan PC is set to use as default gateway the same SBS.

    SBS is suppose to route all the request to that ip to the vpn (wich is set to permanent), does it?

    Why it doesn't work?

    Thank you very much

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    Re: Routing problem on Sbs 2003

    Need more info: SBS Standard or Premium, one NIC or two? Premium with or without ISA server. ISA 2000 or 2004....

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      Re: Routing problem on Sbs 2003

      Sorry my bad.

      SBS Standard, 1 nic, no ISA.