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Sbs 2008 And Exchange And outlook

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  • Sbs 2008 And Exchange And outlook

    Hi my question kind of multi softare relate but mostly related to sbs 2008 so i hope fit on here

    Current email host at webhost company with pop3 acess
    one email currently check 3 machine at company
    other just stander pop3 email onc each of machines for users

    client are currently outlook

    purposed setup

    update domain with mx record for sbs server with exchange lower mx number then isp webhost then swap mx record so exchange
    is higher number then end up but picked up by exchange then if that fail it wound go to the isp? and be picked up on pop?

    outgoing mail relay via isp smtp

    what i wound like know is can pop3 connnect on sbs 2008?
    dailver the one email to 3 usermail box that need?
    or shared mailbox if so what wound happen with the reply email wound show replyed all machine that are acess that mailbox?

    also client are not jion to sbs domanin yet am slowly mirgrate them over but none member of domain yet
    will outlook have any issues with connect to exchange as client? be that not member domain i mean like password be rember
    i know xp home won,nt rember but pro shound be no issues

    Hope not too confuseing just look for input setup any suggestion are wellcome thanks in advanced

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    Re: Sbs 2008 And Exchange And outlook

    Sorry, but i would like to help you but, i dont realy understand what you are3 saying, a little bit confusing for me. The only part is you can fetch pop3 mails to exchange server with a pop3 connector.



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      Re: Sbs 2008 And Exchange And outlook

      Hi Kevin what i am ask can pop3 connector in sbs 2008 be configured to devlive the content one pop3 email account to multi mailbox or too multi user on exchange ?

      right now they all stand alone client on outlook pull email from isp mailbox some machine pull user invaild email and company one

      client 1 has

      [email protected]
      [email protected]

      both setup on outlook and pull email from isp pop3 account

      client 2 as

      [email protected]
      [email protected]

      both setup on outlook and pull email from isp pop3 account

      what i wound like to do if possable take the [email protected] foward it to ether mailbox that shared between user like second one or to user inivaild email accouns

      also if share mailbox how does show up when some reply will it be sent from company email box will it show reply msg in shared mailbox or will just get stuck user mailbox

      or wound that depend on what account select on drop down in out look for outgoing

      so it not check 3 diffent times it seem get out sync some machine leave mail on server etc it just does,nt seem work reaibly

      my other question more about move mail host to exchange not usering isp pop3 accounts

      The mx record high number put source as high proity in delive so if had exchange mx record set high it wound be reacived but exchange fristed and process but if that failed it wound go to isp mail server?

      I hope that make more sense ::> problay not but i hope get idea

      thank for quick reply


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        Re: Sbs 2008 And Exchange And outlook

        Hi Kevin does that make more sense :>? i hope so


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          Re: Sbs 2008 And Exchange And outlook

          Sorry did that make it worse?

          do you get idea what i ask ?