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Can not save system state win2003SBS

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  • Can not save system state win2003SBS

    Ok so here is my problem. a few weeks ago my server crash it RAID 5 and I had to use the backup that I have (Acronis true image) I load the backup and the system boot up but did not let me login to it. After some research that I done it was look like that my backup did not have VSS on and I lost all the AD database integrity. I had to do a dcpromo on my DC and remove the DC and the AD I did follow all the step from microsoft article on how to forcedly remove DC. after I did it and got my DC and AD back to work I try to do a system state backup with NTbackup but it look like nothing happen it saying preparing shadow copy.... Anyhow I thought I will might do another image this time I will not forget the VSS check on the acronis option menu I check the VSS and start the backup but nothing happen it hang there for a long time and do nothing.
    I then found some article on how to register the VSS and I follow all the step but nothing happen the VSS service is starting and use 25% cPU time about 8054KB memory for about 10-20 minute till i gave up on it.

    Any idea will help. (I really do not want to start over I have a lot of data on this server.

    Thank you

    Server config
    Dual Xeon 5120
    4GB RAM
    windows 2003 SBS
    SQL Server
    IIS Server

    articles I used
    VSS Issue -

    DC -

    I think it something connected to my account security and policy. I do have SP2 on it.
    Also something very strange happen today, on one of my sharing folder I set permissions to domain user to read and write but all user report back that they can not write to this folder. All setting look ok Full permission and etc.. but when I open the computer management and went to share folder it show only everyone read nothing more, when I applied the user domain full control their it start working. so I think I have something wrong with the DC policy, is there is anyway to reset these to default, I thought that it will do it during the installation of the new domain name after I depromote the old domain.

    What permission is the VSS service use ?

    I notice that all the SQL group security and user in the AD is gone. I ran the SQL SP4 but still it did not bring SQL security group back to the AD.
    I restart the server several time but nothing help, no change.

    Update Jul-20-09
    On last Friday I left the ntbackup running, today I found out that the backup has been complete with no error. I just wonder now why it is taking so much time to do system state backup ? File size is about 600MB.
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    Re: Can not save system state win2003SBS

    Do you have a good system state backup from a previous date that you can trust? Then boot your server using F8 into DSRM mode (you will need your original SAM password to access that or, alternately, reset it before you start, using NTDSUTIL). Then you can do a system state restore and get back your original system state, which should resolve some/all of your permission issues.
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      Re: Can not save system state win2003SBS

      Thanks for your reply.
      I wish I had a good system state backup. I was sure my Acronis image is complete and include everything, it could be the case if I was aware that I need to check the VSS option on the software. Live and Learn. I talk with Microsoft tech and they told me that "DCPROMO and SBS 2003 server is not going together in the same sentence" so I guess they did not leave much choice. Till this day I could not find any fix and my sql backup are not working at all. I going to flatten the system and start over redo everything. Thanks