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SBS 2008 Blank Black Screen

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  • SBS 2008 Blank Black Screen

    Hello All,

    We are attempting an SBS 2003 to 2008 migration.

    The source server is a physical asset the target is a virtual on Hyper-V server.

    Unfortunately the installation fails at the last step producing simply a blank black screen after the final reboot and loading Windows progress bar (45 minutes).

    We appear to be unable to work around this issue no amout of reboting or boot options allow you to avoid this issue. There is no response from keyboard at this point but the system does not appear to crash as such CPU usage is non existant.

    We have tried repeating this methodology in a lab environment with a freshly installed Windows 2003 SBS server and the same happens.

    Very odd!

    Does anybody have any advice?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: SBS 2008 Blank Black Screen

    Same problem. Attempted a 2003 SBS migration to 2008 SBS and was having trouble with active directory migration. Wiped out drive and reinstalled fresh SBS 2008 as a new netbios/fqdn domain name.

    Server ran windows updates and restarted a few time. Trend WFBS 5.1 was installed. Tried an RPC connection later that night and found first a blue screen with mouse, then on second attempt a black screen with mouse. Now logged in locally I have just the black screen with mouse.

    Remote management shows all logs with no major system errors (other Sharepoint indexing access denied errors). Can access registry and services and all auto-start are started.

    All clients have been joined to this new domain, and no backup has been made yet. Server is running Exchange, but clients haven't moved off of POP3 from an external mail server yet. Client/server application, MAS90, functions from workstations.

    Any suggestions?