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[SBS2003] RAW html code in body

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  • [SBS2003] RAW html code in body

    I have a programmer wich made a website where employees can fill in there working hours. When the employee submits his entries the form will be e-mail to a specified e-mail adres.

    This e-mail adres is directly deliverd at my customers SBS 2003 server and when i view the message in Microsoft Outlook 2003 the message is rubbish and you only see the RAW html code.

    So i have installed Microsoft outlook 2003 on my own computer and used a POP3 account and the mail is delivered correctly and the layout is as it should be.

    And again i set up the same account on the customers outlook 2003 and when he receives the mail is it showing the e-mail correctly.

    But as soon the e-mail send from the webbased php application is going trough an exchange server, the whole body is messed up and you only see RAW html code.

    I have a SBS2008 server running here and if i receive the mail trough that exchange server it is also showing the RAW html code.

    Anyone an idea what this can be?

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    Re: [SBS2003] RAW html code in body

    Nobody a clue wich could be the problem?