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SBS VPN Problem

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  • SBS VPN Problem

    Hi Folks,
    I have the following problem:
    We have a SBS 2003 network which functions fine for LAN use with no problem however we want to start connecting via a VPN to access local development servers [ we are web developers ] so we set up routing and RAS on the server and opened up the vpn ports on the router.

    If I connect from home to the VPN it authenticates, and logs me on and I can ping / access the SBS server all OK BUT if I try to get any further it fails.

    I have a Linux server on the LAN at and I cannot even ping it when I log in.

    Can someone help me out here to get this sorted - All I need to do is to access the internal servers over http and also ftp via the VPN so I can use the same settings on my Dev laptop that I use in the office BUT everything seems to stop at the SBS server

    Not being Network Savvy I am stumped.

    Cheers All.....

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    Re: SBS VPN Problem

    Try to add a A Record to DNS pointing to the Linux server, probably it will work. If it isin't a AD Computer, i dont know if it will work.



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      Re: SBS VPN Problem

      Which is the VPN server? If it is the SBS, you don't need to mess with the routing and RAS as long as you are trying to access anything on the same subnet - IT JUST WORKS!

      For further help, post your ipconfig /all from the workstation and SBS when the VPN is connected. Help us to help you.

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