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Transitioning off SBS2003

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  • Transitioning off SBS2003


    I need to migrate a network off of SBS2003 to a regular DC. The network has an SBS2003 server and a Windows 2K3 server thats the secondary DC. I have never tried demoting an SBS 2003 server and I dont even know if it possible. I mean, worst case scenario is that I have to a forced removal and clean up AD on the remaing secondary DC. Can anyone offer some insight?


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    Re: Transitioning off SBS2003

    You can purchase a transition pack for SBS 2003 to allow you to utilise the SBS licenses in your standard/enterprise 2k3 domain.

    I used it and it failed, so had to carry out the measures you mention and then reinstall standard 2k3 on the SBS box. It started to blue screen after the transition restarted a couple of times. Microsoft gave us free support to resolve. However, the transition pack comes with the required media and allowed us to use the Exchange and 2k3 licensing including CALs in a standard 2k3 domain.

    Make sure you power the secondary DC off during transitioning, just in case.


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      Re: Transitioning off SBS2003

      We have actually transitioned them off of SBS's Exchange functionality to a Hosted solution (isnt enough users to justify using it). So we really dont even NEED the server.