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  • Weird Exchange Forwarder

    I have an SBS 2003 server running Exchange that I just took over and one of the users has a blackberry.

    I have Verified the MX record points directly to the exchange server.

    The issue is that the emails to the users "local" account and inbound from the world to his account are being blind forwarded to a email address.

    We already have his blackberry setup to poll the OWA for messages so he is getting double the messages.

    I have looked and his profile does not have any forward, 2nd users or anything to forward to.

    So I am stummped trying to remove this forwarder of email.

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    Re: Weird Exchange Forwarder

    wow no ideas on anything to try?


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      Re: Weird Exchange Forwarder

      Do you have any Blackberry services installed on the server (BES for example)?

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