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  • Add computer to domain without connectcomputer


    I have the need to add a numeric control computer to our SBS2003 network. This computer controls one of our plasma cutters. The computer is running Windows XP. The problem comes in because the computer has 2 network adapters. One is used to connect to the network, the other the plasma cutter. When I try to add the computer using the connectcomputer wizard, the wizard fails because it requires only 1 active network adapter. If I disable the network adapter that controls the plasma cutter, the system reboots and reenables the adaptor. I have spoken to the system manufacture who tells me that there is no way to disable the 2nd network adaptor.

    This being the case, I need another way to connect the computer without using the connectcomputer wizard. I can simply use XP and add the computer to the domain, which partially works. The computer is recognized by the domain but all does not work properly. No drives are maped, the ISA firewall is not enabled, etc.

    Can someone assist me in the proper way to add a computer to a domain without using the connectcomputer wizard.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Add computer to domain without connectcomputer

    I'm no SBS expert but here's my assumption: Normally when joining a computer to a domain (as opposed to using the SBS wizard) the computer account goes in to the Computers container and the Default Domain Policy GPO and any Site level GPO's are applied. SBS probably has an OU where SBS wizard joined computer accounts go that has specific SBS related GPO's linked and applied. Try joining the computer to the domain and then moving it to the OU where all the other computer accounts are.


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      Re: Add computer to domain without connectcomputer

      I would expect Joeqwerty is correct, and the computer is the default computers container rather than one under MyBusiness or whatever it is that SBS creates.

      The other option would be to remove the second network adapter and only install it after the machine has been joined to the domain. This is only possible if it's a card though and not onboard, not 100% sure from your post but I suspect it's onboard. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a BIOS option for turning the NICs on and off though.
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        Re: Add computer to domain without connectcomputer

        FYI this is what the wizard does.

        A user account will be created with the following
        Full name: Test User
        User logon name: TestU
        E-mail alias: TestU
        Home folder: \\SRV\USERS\TestU

        The following template will be applied to this user:
        Mobile User Template

        The user will be added to the following security groups:
        Remote Web Workplace Users
        Internet Users
        Mobile Users
        Domain Users

        The user will be added to the following distribution groups:


        SharePoint access will be configured for the user through
        the following site groups:
        Web Designer

        The user will have the following disk quota:
        Disk space limited to 1024 MB
        Warning sent at 900 MB

        Create computer account(s):
        - TestU09

        Assign application(s) to client computers:
        - Client Operating System Service Packs
        - Shared Fax Client
        - Firewall Client

        Advanced Client Computer Settings:
        - Configure Internet Explorer Settings
        - Configure Outlook Profile Settings
        - Configure Desktop Settings
        - Configure Fax Printer
        - Configure Printers
        - Configure Fax Configuration Information
        - Configure Remote Desktop

        Apply settings:
        - Do not allow users to modify assigned applications
        - Do not automatically log off after Client Setup
        - Install Connection Manager
        - Don't configure ActiveSync

        To finish setting up the client computer(s), including
        network configuration and application deployment and
        configuration, go to the client computer(s), start Internet
        Explorer, and type http://SRV/ConnectComputer in the
        Address bar.

        If you do NOT use connect computer, ensure you recreate all of the above steps.

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