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  • Exchange problem


    I have a starnge problem when emailing to a new user.
    I'm able to send an e-mail to this user when sending it from inside the office.
    External e-mails are not received.

    Message tracking shows that the message is stuck at: SMTP: Message Submitted to Catagorizer.

    This user was newly created on the exchage server, but existed a year ago. At that time the user left the company and e-mail was temporarely forwarde to a colleage. After a while the user and the mailbox were deleted.

    When i created the new user with the same name yesterday, i found that the forward was ther again. Strange. Mail to the user was received by the forwarding address. So I removed this forward.

    Now the user cannot receive mail from outside the office, but when I put back the forward mail is received by the forwarde address again.

    It looks like the the server doesn't know where to deliver the mail when the forwarding address is removed. Stange because internal mail works fine.

    Any Ideas?

    Kind regards,

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    Re: Exchange problem

    It seems that it is also happening to a new user i created.
    When i ask for a delevery receipt i get one that says delivered.

    But when i logon to OWA there are no mesages.

    Existing users work fine!


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      Re: Exchange problem

      SHould really be in the Exchange forum where it'll get a bigger audience.

      Reported for moving.


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        Re: Exchange problem

        Hello, i really dont understand much of exchange, but if you can send emails internaly, that's because the [email protected] is configured in the smtp list of the users, try adding the external email to see what happens, like [email protected].

        Kevin Guerreiro


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          Re: Exchange problem

          do you have any antivirus or anti-spam engines ?

          I had the same problem a little while back, and then i realised that the emails in question had been snaffled by Trend Micro Scanmail's content filter....
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            Re: Exchange problem

            3rd party utility between Exchange and the Internet is the root cause of this issue. Exchange isnt capable of rejecting anything natively unless you are using the IMF and that would be indicated in the logs.