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URGENT HELP NEEDED: Email Problems Continued

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  • URGENT HELP NEEDED: Email Problems Continued

    Hello Everyone,

    I really hope that someone can help me out here....I have a big problem.

    The Scenario:

    We have an sbs exchange server 2003. We have a couple of domains on the exchange example : ,

    We have two locations (offices). Office no1( uses the exchange server with no problems, they cant send and receive internally and send and receive externally over the internet. Apart from sending to domain ( cant send to

    Office no2 dont use the exchange for they can send mails over the internet and receive mails over the internet however as mentioned previously they dont receive's emails.

    All the users from office no2 was on the exchange server at office no1 connected over RPC over HTTP with a previous domain. this however was changed to when they started using a new domain called, they are all setup to pop and smtp directly and they are not connected to the exchange mail server anymore.

    However, the users from office 2 are all listed on the exchange server as per the previous domain they have used. Would it help if I delete the users from the exchange? Would they be able to receive mail from then? I am thinking that the server still thinks that it should distribute the mail itself and not send it to via the internet but to the mailboxes on the server and forward it from the mail boxes.


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    Re: URGENT HELP NEEDED: Email Problems Continued

    Anyone got a suggestion for me.

    As mentioned my thinking is if I remove the users and domain from the server the server will think that the users dont exist anymore and forward the mail via the internet from to the email address? Am i correct in thinking this?


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      Re: URGENT HELP NEEDED: Email Problems Continued

      There are a few possibilities:

      1) The users at office 1 are using autocomplete or old contacts that go to the old AD users

      2) The AD accounts for the users at office 2 have the email addresses defined so Exchange is keeping hold of emails for office 2.

      If you don't need the old AD accounts for office 2 users then you may as well delete them although you could always just remove the offending email addresses from the accounts.

      I'd also check the Exchange recipient policies to make sure the server at office 1 does not think it has anything to do with the domain for office 2.