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problem on SBS2003 using exmerge to import users pst files

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  • problem on SBS2003 using exmerge to import users pst files

    Originally posted by Sembee View Post
    The change will not take effect immediately, because of the way that Exchange reads the permissions. It will be at least a couple of hours. However after you restart the server later today following the install of the emergency patch from Microsoft, the permission should be gone.

    The fact that you used your account to install Exchange shouldn't have been an issue. I usually use the administrator as a rule, but as long as the account has the required permissions - either directly or by being a group member that has the permissions, it will install correctly. It does not add these permissions to the content - but being specifically granted permissions would.


    I am also having a problem on SBS2003 using exmerge to import users pst files.

    By default the administrator does not have full access to users exchange mailboxes, and I would like to change that if possible by removing the deny right to (receive as and send as) for administrators on users echange mailboxes. These deny right are being inherited from above so I want to be careful before changing any permissions that are inherited from above.
    I have tried setting full access in advanced but the deny rights are still greyed out. In another article some said they could remove the deny rights by the following:

    I had to do the registry hack to get the 'security' tab to show up on the parent OU. Once done, unchecked 'send as' and 'receive as' in Enterprise Administrator, and made sure 'full
    control' was selected (which is already was fo Domain Administrators'

    Do you know how to do this.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Dave S..

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    Re: Exchange Admin - Full Mailbox access "Deny"

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      Re: problem on SBS2003 using exmerge to import users pst files

      dcsvan - this it your first post so consider it as a warning.

      Do it again, and you're out of here. Am I clear?

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