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SBS connect to the internet wizzard

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  • SBS connect to the internet wizzard

    Dear Sirs,

    When i ran the wizzard to connect to the internet the first time I could only choose one domein for e-mail.

    I have an SBS installation with 2 domains for e-mail (Not 2 AD domeins)
    for example. some users use [email protected] and others use [email protected].

    So my solutions was to add for those users an alias of that domein and set that one as primary.

    It al works fine. (I recieve mails bij POP3)

    Now When i run the connect to the internet wizzard again. All those aliasses are lost and I have to reconfigure them all. I suppose I do something wrong?

    What is the best sollutions to work with 2 mail domains and do not loose that when you run a wizzard again. The reason I rerun the wizard is becouse I know want to use smtp instead of pop3 to recieve mails.

    kind regards.

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    Re: SBS connect to the internet wizzard

    Open ESM and add the domain manually to the recipient policy. Remember only one domain can be set as the default though for sending mail. AFAIK the wizard will only allow you to add ONE domain. Any additions can be done through ESM.
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      Re: SBS connect to the internet wizzard

      I believe if you run the Connect to the Internet wizard again, that policy will be overwritten again.

      Also, if you configure the default recipient policy, all the users will get email addresses for both domains.

      If I were you, I'd edit the default policy and let it propagate only the @domain.local addresses, because all the users will inherit it automatically, and it seems you can't edit the filter for the default policy. Then create two new Email addresses policies, one for each mail domain and filter each one for the users that the policy needs to be applied to.


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        Re: SBS connect to the internet wizzard

        The CEICW does not remove any secondary (aka proxy) e-mail addresses, even if run multiple times, when created by recipient policies.

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