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Single Server VPN Setup on SBS2008

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  • Single Server VPN Setup on SBS2008

    We are a very small business (<10 people, no dedicated IT) that has fortunately been granted use of a server & SBS2008 Premium but we (I) have no experience with SBS. I am trying to find out if I can implement a VPN using a single SBS2008 server without additional cost - and could use some help to understand if this is possible using a single SBS08 server.

    Our topology is super simple. Router -> switch then 7 desktops and a server connected to the switch. Currently the Server fuctions as a domain controller, file server and sql server. The router handles DHCP and DNS (for no other reason that it was already configured to do so - this could be handed over to the SBS machine.)

    I understand it should be possible to have the SBS box act as a VPN server but cannot find any walkthroughs on SBS08 that do not involve a separate domain controller and certificate server - and we dont have the budget for more hardware & software. I have also seen reference that this *should* be done with 2 nics for added security, but can be done with 1, and have read many of the SBS administration wizards behave strangely when multiple nics are enabled - so the 1/2 nic question is also one I'd like an opinion on.

    I'm looking for a recommendation as to how to easily set something like this up - be it use of our existing SBS resource or the repurposing of an old intel box to act as a gateway with something like untangle and OpenVPN. I just want simple (oh, and cheap!) - not convoluted and ultra secure.

    Appreciate any suggestions, links to single server sbs 2008 VPN configuration steps or opinions about easier alternatives.

    With thanks, in advance, for any ideas/assistance.


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    Re: Single Server VPN Setup on SBS2008

    Check out RRAS (routing and remote access)
    It exists on SBS 2008 but I have no direct experience. Some of the links here may help:
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      Re: Single Server VPN Setup on SBS2008

      Despite having a small setup there is quite allot to do to get SBS to work properly within your organization. Before setting up VPN you need to have all your IT running from the SBS box. Do you have all your PC's connected to the domain? Is all you data copied to network shares on the SBS and are all the PC's mapping to those shares? Is you printer connected to the SBS? Is your email running from the Exchange part of SBS?

      Once you have done all this you can think about VPN.

      I would suggest paying for a professional but if you are willing to learn you have come to the right forum.
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        Re: Single Server VPN Setup on SBS2008

        There is a technically sound article that may help here

        Read through thoroughly. It may help