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Replacing existing computers

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  • Replacing existing computers

    I inherited the job of maintaining our SBS 2003 system. This is my issue: Assume we have a system (SYSTEM10) used by USER2. At some point SYSTEM10 needs to be reinstalled either because we are upgrading to newer hardware or because XP has crashed and needs to be reinstalled. I would like to name the computer that replaces SYSTEM10 - SYSTEM10. I can't seem to do ths. If I name the computer the same name as the old computer we are replacing, when I use connectcomputer to install it tells me that the sytstem is already part of the domain and does nto set it up correctly. The person who previously had my job would name the computers SYSTEM10, SYSTEM10A, SYSTEM10b, etc. This works by seems rather odd. Even if I 1st delete SYSTEM10 before reconnecting SYSTEM10, same deal, SBS2003 still complains about SYSTEM10 already being part of the comain. Can anyone assist? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Replacing existing computers

    Have you tried joining the domain through computer properties (I know, heresy not to UTFW in the SBS world )
    Have you tried deleting the old computer account in AD first?
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      Re: Replacing existing computers

      Sounds like the DNS records still exist for it. Make sure the object is deleted from AD or simply use a new name altogether that is completly dissimilar from the original. In addition you dont have to use the Connect Computer wizard/web. Its simpler to rename the computer from system properties and add it to the domain.


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        Re: Replacing existing computers

        Manage Client Computers in the Server Mangler
        Remove SYSTEM10, then create SYSTEM10. You can then UTFW to join the rebuilt computer via /connectcomputer.

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          Re: Replacing existing computers

          Well, first of all, if you can still access SYSTEM10, I'd first join them into a workgroup and out of the domain, then join the new SYSTEM10. Seems like a more clean removal to me.

          If Windows crashed, all you can do is remove it from the AD and then, if connectcomputer doesn't work, as I understand from your post, I would definately agree with Ossian, and tell you to join the old fashioned way. I've been joining PCs to SBS domains this way for years, and never had one problem related to this type of AD join.

          All in all, having non existent machines in your AD is not such a good ideea, especially if you have Device based CALs.