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where are inbound emails stored

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  • where are inbound emails stored

    when exchange is down? i have a remote site, exchange crashed when they lost their network and i rebooted the server to clear the issue. i checked the queues in exchange admin but there werent many emails listed. emails have started coming through but if an email was sent during their downtime is it stored on the senders mail server or somewhere else? this is more of an i wonder question rather than anything critical.

    Appreciate any responses.


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    Re: where are inbound emails stored

    If the email is sent during the downtime then it really depends on the server. Most will queue and retry the email after set periods of time depending on the software in use, some will drop it.

    EDIT: Where does your MX record point to? Your server or your ISP/relays?
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      Re: where are inbound emails stored

      Assuming you are using SMTP and not the POP3 Connector, then you need a secondary MX record which is very often your ISP queing your mail for you (but you have to ask/pay him to do that). Otherwise whoever sends you that mail cannot get a connection to make delivery and will get an NDR (Non-delivery report)

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