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Managing Local Web Site Apps

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  • Managing Local Web Site Apps

    I am hosting a Web Site and Blog on my own machine running sbs 2008 and need to be able to access them from my local net. I can do it on the first page using the localhost address, but all the hyperlinks and blog pages are identified by their public name on the sites so I can't access them locally. I have heard of something called IP Loopback or Reverse NAT, but my SMC business modem from Comcast does not seem to have that. I do have dual net cards on my machine if the second one could somehow be set up to look like it was external? I have 5 static IPs but they are all routed from the same modem router. Unfortuneately as you can tell I am a networking novice when you get beyond the basics. -- Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Managing Local Web Site Apps

    so yo ubrowse to http://localhost/index.html and it works
    but you click on a link on the index page to, say, testpage.html
    and it fails and in your address bar you get

    right ?

    make sure your links are relative links,not absolute...
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      Re: Managing Local Web Site Apps

      I got a solution from another guy yesterday that fixed my problem. It turns out what I had to do was edit the "hosts" file to tell my machine what to look for when I typed in the external address -- Thanks for your advice!!