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  • redirect https

    Hey guys,

    We've upgraded our SBS to 2008 last week, everything went smooth, couple of hiccups that we can fix along the way.

    Now we're left with some minor problem :

    By default, goes to /remote

    We disabled rww, and would like to redirect default https://remote/ to /owa.

    Tried to find the https default, but IIS 7 confuses me. Also tried with http redirect under /remote to redirect all request to /owa, but it doesn't seem to work.

    Any suggestions ?

    Thanks in advanced

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    Re: redirect https

    AFAIK, you need to look at the properties of the Default website or the website on Port 80. See if any redirects exixt there.

    However, I would wait for an SBS specialist to respond as you have to carry out changes in IIS in a set procedure in SBS or you can break it.


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      Re: redirect https

      Hi Virtual,

      Thanks for replying.

      I've checked the bindings under default website, it only has port 80 and it doesn't point to any sites.

      I've also checked the bindings under sbs web applications which has port 80 and 443(the one i need) but still it doesn't point to any sites, and no redirection as I can see.


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        Re: redirect https

        I am confused....Do u want a way to establiash redirection to /owa in IIS7.0 or there is a existing redirection for /remote and u want to remove this...

        Clarify ur question i will provide the answer accordingly....

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          Re: redirect https

          I think what he wants to do is this:

          Depends on which version of IIS ships with SBS 2008 which set of instructions you would use. It does work.


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            Re: redirect https

            it'll probably be a virtual directory..
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