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  • No outbound mail

    Hello I have setup a SBS2003 SP2 with Exchagne 2003 SP2 and have trouble sending e-mail to this domain from outside. Meaning that main from one person to another with my same works fine.

    I can send from to my personal address at yahoo. I can not send from anything back to my SBS server. I have the ports open on my Linksys firewall. I want my mail on this SBS server....our ISP does not host our mail. By default I have something called a POP3 Connector that wants to download e-mial. How can I stop using that? I want to incoming mail to go directly to my server.

    I have my MX record set with my registrar when I registered the domain and setup the WWW, A records etc.

    I check a similar setup that has WIndows 2000 Server and Exchange 2003 and that setup works great and it has NO pop3 connector on it.

    What shall I do to receive the incoming mail?

    Have a goood weekend..RC!

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    Re: No outbound mail

    You've written no outbound mail yet your text says inbound mail isn't working.
    Can you telnet to port 25 on the exchange server from an external host?
    Have you run the SBS wizards?

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      Re: No outbound mail

      wow.. ok.. you need your mx record pointed to the ip address of your firewall
      you need that firewall to forwrd port 25 through to your server.
      you need to ensure your sever will accept mail for the domai nit wants to be authoritative for.

      Does that help you at all ?
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