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Help with SBS upgrade/migration

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  • Help with SBS upgrade/migration

    hello All,

    I was introduced to the Petri- site some months ago by Sensei Geert for IT1

    Now i have a practical question.

    As a newbee i will be responsible to migrate SBS 2000 server to Server 2008 (DC & Exchange 2007)

    1 internal domain ( , 50 users ..

    Should anyone have the "white papers" or "Best practices" , he/she is welcome to send me the URL or send them ...

    I found the document SBS 2000 to SBS 2008 but my target server is a Standard edition Server 2008 / Exchange 2007.


    What to install First ? AD or Exchange 2007 ?
    Does the Server 2008 need to be promoted as DC to old domain ?
    is the migrationflow same as for SBS 2000 to SBS 2008 (mine is 2008 STD edition)

    What i did already :

    I checked for white papers & found different possibilities (even a 232-page document )
    What is confusing is that 1 paper tells NOT to join the domain & other tells to Join as a member server.


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    Re: newbie

    Hi phillipe,

    A few things first. Please read the forum rules, your title is not good enough, you've posted a live email address on a public forum and you don't appear to have made any attempts at researching the information yourself.
    Google has lots of links regarding migrations etc.
    Is the 2008/2007 setup non-SBS? How many users etc. More information is always the key.

    If it is SBS then, as posted on these forums previously there is a document:

    Please read this before you post:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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      Re: newbie

      I posted here a link to the Microsoft MS Whitepaper on SBS2000 to 2008 just a few days ago when it became live. Please search for it.

      And as already asked, lose the e-mail addresses from your posts - we don't want to become a spam source!

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        Re: newbie

        To start on the questions:
        Since it is SBS, don't worry, just UTFW (use the faultless* wizards)
        Basically, do everything MS tell you to, in the order they tell you, and you will have no problems
        Do anything else and things WILL go wrong

        *OK, I didnt really mean faultless -- maybe floating, flower-powered, ........)
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