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endless problems... sbs 2008 exchange restore

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  • endless problems... sbs 2008 exchange restore

    had some serious issues (bad motherboard update, 5 bad seagate 500's)....

    long story short: we rebuilt the server from scratch with a new motherboard, and full recreation of the domain, as the backups were not able to restore it. (totally useless)

    no data was lost and we have the .edb files and logs for exchange server.
    the guids no longer match, and if i swap the DB's the users mailbox is empty.
    (its there, but just not mapped to any current user, GUID is orphaned)

    any magic? i have been up 20+ hours a day for the last 6 days trying to restore this. storage recovery group refuses to ignore the guid mismatch and wont import...

    can this be done with powershell?
    if so what would the syntax be if my server is called SBS on the CORP domain
    copy from storage recovery group to live exchange mailboxes...

    please and thanks.

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    Re: endless problems... sbs 2008 exchange restore

    I'm pretty sure you're going to need a third party product like Ontrack PowerControls to recover the email.


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      Re: endless problems... sbs 2008 exchange restore

      Are the AD backups completely useless?

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        Re: endless problems... sbs 2008 exchange restore

        Stupid question(s)! Does the store mount and have you looked in the deleted mailbox folder (I think it needs to be up for about 24 hours to complete all the maintenance processes)? If you see mailboxes in the deleted mailbox folder, you can (re-)assign them to your recreated users IIRC - similar to 2003.

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          Re: endless problems... sbs 2008 exchange restore

          calling MS pss helped, they gave me help using the powershell for exchange

          copy-mailbox was the cmdlet required.

          1. creat a storage recovery group.
          2. mount store
          3. use cmdlet to copy old mailboxes to subfolder inside each users OWA, which they can then copy manually to same folders.