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Advice- Dell PowerEdge T100

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  • Advice- Dell PowerEdge T100

    Does Anyone Have A Dell PowerEdge T100, Are they reliable?

    Is it Worth getting ? to run sbs ?


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    Re: Advice- Dell PowerEdge T100

    Far too open a question!

    How many users?
    How much storage?
    How much redundancy do you need?
    Any server based applications you need?

    Look at (as a bare minimum)
    RAID 1 or RAID 5
    4Gb RAM
    Second NiC for firewalling
    Some sort of backup solution
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      Re: Advice- Dell PowerEdge T100

      Around 5 users
      around 1tb of storage
      a second nic for firewalling


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        Re: Advice- Dell PowerEdge T100

        VERY limited for future expandibility. Note that you can only fit 2 HDD drives in there, for a max of 2TB with current technology that Dell offer.
        cant' do any real RAID levels (1 or 0 only)

        it looked cheap initially, then i started adding some real hardware to it and got it up to 1600 euro.

        It is a reasonable quality server for a small organisation though... I've got a SC430 on my desk here that's about 3 years old.. does it's job quite well.. but then i've never really tried to load it down..

        still.. for 5 users, running SBS, with 8GB of RAM, sure, i'd suggest it and implement it for a client.
        I'd want to throw in an after-market adaptor with a removable hard drive caddy (or external drive) to allow for backups.
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          Re: Advice- Dell PowerEdge T100

          If you want SBS 2008 and the ability to expand/upgrade, then I would look at the T300 model, can handle SBS 2008, has a hotswap chassis for ease of changing drives should you experience a failure, hardware raid etc..


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            Re: Advice- Dell PowerEdge T100

            I wouldn't really use a T100 as a single server. They're OK, just not much room for expansion. One of our customers uses one as a portable WDS server, the IT guy takes it in his car to whatever site he needs to go to.
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