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  • Moving companyweb

    Hi all ,

    I had to reinstall a crashed SBS2003 server recently.
    The client had made little backups but at least he got the mailbox archives and the follwing files :


    The companyweb is used a lot. At this time the server is running again but i'm having trouble restoreing the companyweb. (It is running the default one at this time)
    Can anyone give a hand ?

    Thx , John

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    Re: Moving companyweb

    Which SBS: Standard or Premium? RTM or R2?
    With SBS SP1 or Windows SP1/SP2?
    Sharepoint - presumably v2 but with SP1/SP2?

    Go in to the Servcer Management console. Have you read there about backing up/restoring Sharepoint/Companyweb?
    First of all help yourself, then help us to help you.

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      Re: Moving companyweb

      basically... those STS files are Sharepoint Database files, as You're already aware.

      One of the thingsI found recently is sharepoint is very, very, very picky. You'll need to ensure you restore the databases to a server with exactly the same name, and the same instance name etc.
      I tried to move databases to another server and update the pointers and just couldn't get it to work.. you're not meant to move SPS around like that...

      However - the positive side is, all the configuratio nshould be in your database.. so if you can get a bare metal restore of sharepoint, and point it to the right database, with the right credentials... it should mostly come back
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        Re: Moving companyweb

        Originally posted by sloefmans View Post
        but i'm having trouble restoreing the companyweb. ?
        Can you describe what kind of troube you are having and what you have tried so far?

        Here are a couple of articles on restoring SharePoint databases. But as tehcamel pointed out, the server name, internal domain name and SharePoint patch level must be the same between the old and new servers.


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          Re: Moving companyweb

          Hi Guys ,

          Thx for the reply , finally the conclusion was that we had to restore the stadmin & active directory.
          This was impossible due to the different patch level.
          So i created a new companyweb and manually copys the contence of the tables ...

          Thank you all for your reply !

          Cheers , John