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SBS 2008 Streagming Backup of Exchange 2007 - News?

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  • SBS 2008 Streagming Backup of Exchange 2007 - News?

    Hello there

    I just wanted a confirmation of what I tried some days ago.
    In the past I have read about the lacking functionality in Windows 2008/Exchange 2007 environment regarding the Exchange Streaming Backup.
    By reading many posts here and in the Exchange Team Blog, I have always read the following sentence:
    "For customers running the upcoming version of Windows Small Business Server 2008, Windows Server Backup will be able to take Exchange-aware backups" (from:

    Now, some days ago I had the opportunity to install SBS 2008 by using the MSDN/Partnership DVDs. I have realized that the Windows Server Backup is identical to the one shipped with Windows 2008 Standard Version and in the backup choice, no Exchange 2007 was present.

    So my question is: has anything changed in the WSB shipped with SBS2008 regarding Exchange 2007 ? Is it possible to stream the backup with Exchange API as it was with Windows 2003 NTBackup?

    In case it is not: which is the Microsoft suggested strategy for Exchange Backups?

    Also, I knew that VSS Requestor was not present in Windows 2008 versions. Is this still true for SBS?
    Any experience?

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    Re: SBS 2008 Streagming Backup of Exchange 2007 - News?

    From day 1 SBS 2008 has included a VSS Exchange Writer - see aka the SBS Blog.
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      Re: SBS 2008 Streagming Backup of Exchange 2007 - News?

      Teiger, thanks for your quick answer.

      Just to be sure that I have understood correctly: If SBS 2008 includes VSS Writer for Exchange, then whenever I backup the FULL SERVER or backup the disk containing transaction logs, then, at the end of backup process, are logs already committed to the database correctly cleaned as it was with NTBackup?

      Is the VSS solution, usable only for disaster recovery (restore the database) or can it be used to restore a single storage group (for example with RSG) and recover a single mailbox as it was with NTBackup?

      I can't find any document reporting these procedures (or if they are possible) with the VSS Writer rather than Streaming API

      Thanks so much


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        Re: SBS 2008 Streagming Backup of Exchange 2007 - News?

        Teiger, I have seen only now the articles in SBS Blog regarding RSG
        I'll try them out and let know the result