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SBS 2003 recovery in 2008 domain

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  • SBS 2003 recovery in 2008 domain

    I have been running a SBS2003 server for a couple years, recently I added a 2008 std box to the domain. This required adprep /domain and /forestprep. Ad has been working great.

    I am now needed to install Exchange on the SBS 2003 box, but I can't as it does a AD check on install and says the AD is out of date (but it is actually in advance of the sbs2003 install files) It wants me to run adprep from 2003. This will destroy my network AD. So I am stuck - how do I fix exchange

    Also, worring about disaster recover in this type of mixed enviroment, i fthe 2003 sbs box has issues and I needed to rebuild I can't see how I could add a new box or repair the box in the 2008 domain enviroment?

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    Re: SBS 2003 recovery in 2008 domain

    Your 2nd DC (w2k8 ) will have all AD data, so you would just need to seize the roles should the SBS box fail.

    What Exchange version are you installing? Has it had Exchange installed before? Is it the Exchange that came with SBS?
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      Re: SBS 2003 recovery in 2008 domain

      Use only the exchange which came with SBS.

      Is 08 server setup in 2003 domain functional level?


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        Re: SBS 2003 recovery in 2008 domain

        I think you may have to delete all traces of the original SBS server from the domain as per the article on this (Petri's) site. You would then have to remove all the Exchange objects from AD.
        The other server would then have to seize all 5 FSMO roles.
        Then and only then would you be able to reinstall the server part of SBS making the resurrected server part of the existing domain, seize the FSMO roles back again and then contunue to re-install all of the SBS.

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