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Running ISA on Virtual PC?

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  • Running ISA on Virtual PC?


    I have installed SBS Premium as a Virtual machine using Vista Business SP1 as the host with one physical network card connected to an ADSL router.

    Setup has completed, I made my way through the "to do list" and have followed the advice to install ISA, which completed.

    My question is, can it be run the way I want it to (to play about with ISA once I have joined another VM to the domain)with one physical adapter using the MS VPC to add another software card?

    If so, can i post my config; there must be an error or I have missed something.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Re: Running ISA on Virtual PC?

    This would be fine for learning and "playing about" bu ISA is not supported installed in a VirtualPC (nor in Hyper-V). The reason for that is, something like, you are sitting on to of something (Vista SP1, in your case) which can be attacked and compromised beforeISA can potect you. Threfore ISA must be installd on a physically "isolated" machine.

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      Re: Running ISA on Virtual PC?

      Hi Steven,

      I see. That clears that question for me.

      Many thanks,